I've collected questions that you often ask.

There is a difference between saving and publishing.

The Save feature saves changes for the exhibition creator only. It is a temporary storage function before exhibition and publication.

In the case of the publishing function, an exhibition is held after the installation of the work is completed, or if it is on display, the change is applied to the actual exhibition, so visitors can watch it as a changed exhibition.

Click the work you want to change, and then click the Delete button on the right side of the screen to remove the work.

And please select the work you want to install and reinstall the work where you want.

1. If you want to move your work from the same wall

Select the piece you want to use and drag the yellow box that appears on the piece to move it.
Alternatively, you can select the work you want to move and move it with the asdw key, or click the direction key shown on the right side of the screen to move it.

2. If you want to move your work to a different wall

After selecting the work you want to move, click the reinstall button shown on the right side of the screen to remove the installed work from the wall.
Are you sure you want to delete and reinstall the selected object? When the alarm appears, press OK.
Please click on the wall you want to reinstall the work to install the work.

If you have a promotion code you have called, you can apply it on the payment page.

On the payment page, select the required usage rights and service period for the exhibition and enter the promotion code to see the total amount of payment changed by applying the promotion code.

The works of the exhibition that have expired will be preserved as they were installed at the end.
You can extend it and continue to use it at any time even if it expires.

Exhibitions that used to use paid plans may be changed to free plans and may be limited in function.
The usage period policy is subject to change. If the policy changes, we will notify you in advance through announcements and e-mails.

The exhibition space selected during exhibition creation cannot be changed later.

You can create multiple exhibitions with one account, so if you want to change the exhibition hall, please create a new exhibition and select the exhibition hall you want to use.

Yes, it's possible.

Using the embedded sharing of the online exhibition you want to share, your online exhibition will be shown on other websites.

The method is as follows.

1. Click the Share button for the online exhibition you want to share.
2. Press the Share with Code button
3. Press the Copy button to copy the iframe code.
4. Paste my exhibition into the HTML on the website I want to see.

If you need any help, please contact us here

Each exhibition provides a unique website address (URL).

You can share your exhibition quickly and easily by delivering this URL to other people who want to let them know about your exhibition, such as family, friends, and acquaintances.

You can also upload posts including URLs to various types of posts.

Works in the form of pictures, photos, videos, and audio files can be displayed.

You can also act as a docent by placing a description of each piece in an audio file.

'On The Wall' is a service that provides you with what you need to do for an online exhibition.

You can open an exhibition whenever you want to. We will provide you with everything you need, including exhibition spaces and guest books.

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